The research center has the role of advising and overseeing the country's major macroeconomic and information technology projects.



The research carried out at this institute is generally applied and results in the construction of the required technologies of the country.



Specialized training aimed at developing the human resources skills needed in the country's ICT domain is being pursued in the research center.



Applied research in the field of global issues in the field of information and communication technology is one of the main missions of this research institute.



In addition to its technological activities, the research center has always considered the cultural promotion of society as a mission.


About Research Institute

Advanced Information and Communication Technology Research Institute (AICT) was established at Sharif University of Technology in 2001. This research institute was known as National Engineering Research Center in 2014 and has presented with over 220 experts in the most fundamental and national macro projects as a consultant or supervisor.

The mission of the organization consists of two components: 1) the development of individual and organizational capabilities of the country to solve key and basic problems related to ITC and 2) the development of research capabilities of the country by deepening the disciplines and interdisciplinary expertise in order to compensate the absence of foreign experts and issues related to the boycott of foreigners. The mission has changed in terms of the nature of the activities and structure at different times. But, it has always been the center for applied research and education in the ICT and related fields, and the reference center of issues and requests of the university and the public and private industrial and service centers.

On the horizon of this year's perspective (1404 AH), Advanced Information and Communication Technology Institute of Sharif University of Technology is a wide network of educational and research centers and businesses based on new technologies in the field of information and communication and related disciplines. Institute has known as the most valid educational, research, and development organization in the region and it has the ability to define and commercialize the technologies and the products with the priority of the country's required applications through effective interaction with other domestic and international research centers in the related fields using the expert and committed staff.


One of the most important missions of Advanced Information and Communication Technology Institute of Sharif University of Technology is to research in the new fields of ICT which is provided by masters and postgraduate students as well as postdoctoral researchers. The research institute performs its applied research on the following topics:

  • Machine Learning
  • Data storage systems
  • Network Science (social networks, social media, complex networks, collective processing)
  • Networks and multimedia systems
  • Hardware security and trust
  • Reconfigurable Processing
  • Bioinformatics and modern medical technologies
  • Nano-sized computer networks
  • Cognitive science (brain and machine interaction, artificial vision, object recognition)
  • Infrastructure analysis of spatial data (smart city, urban modeling, and analysis)

So far, the research institute has published more than 500 articles at the top A/A+ conferences and the international Q1 publications.


In order to create and consolidate the chain of knowledge conversion into a product and ultimately solving community problems, the research institute has developed the applied technology needed by the country and has so far been able to design and produce more than twenty global technologies in the following fields:

  • Infrastructure and banking services
  • Major development infrastructures in ICT field (Software Infrastructure of Centers and Data Networks)
  • Development infrastructure of­ applications
  • Bio systems
  • Social Networks
  • Multimedia system


The educational department of research institute has started its official activity since 1391 and so far, it has served tens of thousands of users and hundreds of companies and private and public organizations.

The purpose of the institute's educational department is to develop the skilled human resources in ICT field by holding the advanced and professional educational courses. In addition, one of its desired activities is to hold the special courses as educational packages in specialized fields for specific parts of the industry. This department holds all executive education courses at Sharif University of Technology and a formal and credible certificate will be given to the students from the university at the end of each course.

Currently, more than 250 people cooperate as full-time, part-time and project with the institute's educational department to carry out the following missions:

  • Development of specialized educational programs as a single lesson and a set of lessons in the required fields of different parts of the industry
  • Holding professional examinations and awarding professional certification
  • E-learning development
  • Conducting seminars, conferences, and workshops
  • Research and development in the field of educational strategies


One of the most important missions is to provide the consulting services, feasibility, monitoring and etc. to large public and private organizations and companies. In this regard, so far, the institute has served the following organizations:

  • Ministry of Petroleum
  • Ministry of Communication & Information Technology
  • Ministry of Roads & Urban Development
  • IT Organization
  • Law Enforcement Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran
  • Expediency Discernment Council of the System
  • Islamic Consultative Assembly


The institute has always been concerned about cultural issues according to its mission and has tried to improve its cultural status through its own technologies and tools.

The institute's cultural activities include:

  • Launching a website for the presentation of Martyr Morteza Motahhari's works
  • Collaborating on the presentation of Imam Khomeini's works on mobile phone
  • Providing the different rich cultural and value- added services
  • Launching a research group of lifestyle


  • National Fuel Card

    Consulting and monitoring the country's largest IT project
  • Country's data network

    Designing a conceptual model of country's data for designing and developing a national information network
  • Data center design

    Designing and monitoring the implementation of data centers of various public and private organizations in the country

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Research Institute of Advanced Information and Communication Technology of Sharif University of Technology, No 3, Golestan Alley, Shahid Salehi St, Shahid Akbari Blvd, Azadi Ave, Tehran.

Tell: +98(21)66165169-74


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